The growth and development of Quick Cares is no surprise. Fueled by the frustrations over wait times in hospital emergency rooms and the lack of availability of primary care appointments, quick care steadily grew within the United States. Today nearly 10,000 facilities are operating throughout the United States at any given time with more healthcare facilities seeking Urgent Care Center Accreditation.

Quick care surfaced due to the public’s desire for immediate access to medical care. With more consumers turning to alternatives to traditional hospital care and primary physicians, services such as 24-hour quick care facilities and concierge doctors are rapidly growing.

24-hour Vegas Quick Care is unique in the way that we come to your home or hotel. We provide primary healthcare services to individuals in the comfort of their own homes. By not maintaining a physical location we are able to pass on these significant cost savings to you.

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For many patients, 24-hour quick care centers are their main source of medical treatment, especially on weekends or evenings when traditional physicians do not have office hours.

Only 29% of U.S. Physicians said their practice had arrangements for getting patients after-hours-care-so they could avoid visiting a hospital emergency room.

This lack of availability by primary physicians has opened the door for 24-hour quick care services like Vegas Quick Care. This attention to patient care has won over millions of Americans who frequently use quick care facilities for immediate medical needs.

The typical wait time to see a quick care provider is half an hour or less, compare this to multi-hour wait times in many emergency rooms and you can see the value that these facilities provide.

The extended hours and immediate availability of care at quick care centers provide convenient wait times and hours for patients.

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